Books by Tom Roy


Shepherd Coach

There are few titles as honored as "Coach." Players often take on the attitudes and swagger they see in a coach. Coaches are leaders, role models and authority figures all rolled into one.Receiving such a title is one thing... measuring up to the accolade is another. This book will attempt to help us all become better at our honored position of "Christian Coach" by examining our calling, motives, and processes. The workbook will ask questions and give ideas that will help us lead the men and women given to us in a way that models how Jesus would define "winning."


A new release from Tom Roy, detailing wisdom and insight gained from over 45 years of ministry and coaching experience. Be invited to read and apply a revolutionary system coined by Tom as "Shepherd Leadership." Find practical truths, thought provoking questions, and points of action to help you refine yourself in your role as a leader.

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Beyond Betrayal 

Beyond Betrayal avoids the quick, easy answers in order to navigate tough issues underlining the hurt and encourages discussion with reflective questions. Price and Roy challenge all of us to rebuild trust levels out of a hope that doesn’t define anyone by the treachery of deceit.


Released tells the remarkable story of the birth, growth, and development of a unique Christian outreach to the world of pro baseball-Unlimited Potential Inc. Beginning with a phone call from Hank Aaron, the fledgling work has grown to a world-wide ministry that has impacted thousands with the Gospel message through baseball clinics and instruction.

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