Become a
Shepherd Coach
High School / Youth Leagues

If you are a Christian coach that wants to make your life and your teams count for the kingdom, becoming a SHEPHERD COACH may just be able to help you.

A Shepherd Coach helps coaches win more: ​

  • On the Field

  • Off the Field

  • And Where it Matters the Most: In the Hearts of Your Players

  • Unlocking the destiny of you and your player

What we do

Tom Roy provides the tools and resources coaches need at ALL LEVELS to win, both on, and off the field.

We provide a certification to help coaches solve their biggest issues and help prepare them for the call of leading the next generation

We work with coaches and their staff to improve their ability to connect and shepherd their teams, like Jesus

We provide a new perspective of thinking about wins in the world of sports based on the life and teaching of Jesus


This program is designed to meet the needs of coaches of programs that typically do not have access to the players 24 hours a day as would be available at the collegiate level. The course attempts to be age appropriate.


After an initial zoom meeting to get to know one another and understand the goals of both the interested coach and SHEPHERD COACH, the 7 week course course will begin.


  • 4 One hour personal sessions with Tom over Zoom

During this time Tom will lead you through his curriculum which includes:


  • Taking each coach thru portions of Tom’s books SHEPHERD COACH and FLOCK. (Both available on Amazon.com)

  • Selected scriptures that will challenge the coach to think thru specific application in his/her sport

  • Weekly real life case studies to consider together

  • 1 paper will be due before completion of the course on The SOVEREIGNTY of God

  • Time will be allotted to ask Tom specific questions a coach might have regarding topics specific to his coaching assignment

  • 1 year of access to Tom via text or email should the coach have situations occur and want Tom’s insights

To learn more details or to fill out an application, please fill out the "Contact Us" form here